A New Data Ecosystem

Datawallet is redefining the rules of the data economy with a privacy-protected, decentralized data exchange. We have employed our research to build a future-proof, scalable, and secure public blockchain platform that addresses pressing issues for both data providers and data consumers, facilitating the next generation of the internet. Powered by blockchain, we’ve built a permission-based ecosystem where you can now source, store, and use your data. No middle man required.

Launch Checklist

  • Deploy Private Ethereum Testnet 1.0

  • Deploy Blockchain Explorer

  • Deploy Internal Blockchain Stats Dashboard

  • Deploy initial Ethereum smart contracts

  • Internal security audit

  • Deploy Ether and DXT Faucets

  • Testing of complete acquisition flow

  • Deploy Datawallet with on-chain acquisition flow


Explore the Potential of Your Data

Take a sneak peak at our private testnet to power Datawallet v1, where you can immediately start benefiting from your data. The testnet will facilitate fully disintermediated, consent-based data permissioning, enable new personal data products, and allow iterative development towards our mainnet.

Blockchain Explorer coming soon

Development Roadmap

Q32018BigchainDB POCQ42018Ethereum POC development, Contest developmentQ12019Ethereum MVP development, Contest launch, Plugin developmentQ22019Cosmos Prototype &Ethereum TestnetQ32019Cosmos ASIBQ42019Cosmos-based User-driven Marketplace2020Mainnet and Developing fully sovereign and decentralized data marketplaceData tracking on-chain, data & blockchain integration, internal tests, basic blockchain featuresToken transfers, payments, escrows,multi-pay, non-free products, data marketplace, simple matchmakingon-chainOn-chain data tracking, data & blockchain integration, internal tests, basic blockchain permissioning featuresLaunch Ethereum MVP in Datawallet hosted testnet with blockchain explorer and integrated faucet into Datawallet appCosmos ASIB v0.0.1: simple PoS, core token, transfers, payments, escrow, full feature data tracker, service & product permissioning engine, blockchain explorerDXT (ERC20) to Cosmos staking with PegZone and Ethereum migration contractsCosmos Main chainHub chainDXT pegged to mainnet Cosmos DXTBlockchain-hosted DatawalletsData operations in TEEsDecentralized omni-directional Data MarketplaceSingleton Blockchain andEvaluateHub Blockchain and multi-chain integration sequenceuser-driven marketplace built on Ethereum testnet MVPLaunch DXT mediated product acquisition flowCosmos internal simple tests: tech onboarding, basic on-chain functions, data tracker store, simple permissioning store, internal testnet, CLI onlyDeployment of private local Ethereum networkMPC in TEEAutonomous trusted sourcing in Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)

Datawallet SDK

The Datawallet SDK provides an intuitive and documented flow for querying data in a fully user permissioned way. Exposing a familiar GraphQL interface and a unified flow across devices that users will understand, developers can start writing queries today and building applications tomorrow.

Docs coming soon

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