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Datawallet leverages blockchain technology to deliver an uncompromisingly transparent personal data marketplace.

Blockchain technology obviates the need for data providers to trust Datawallet or other third parties through the two pillars of the Datawallet Exchange: encryption everywhere (EE) and the smart encrypted data contracts (SEDC).

First, we ensure that users have to be actively involved in all transactions by building encryption into all of our data sourcing pipelines. Crucially, this encryption employs the user's private key, meaning Datawallet or any third party cannot utilize the data without the user’s expressive consent. The granting of the users expressive consent is accomplished via smart encrypted data contracts that requires users to decrypt the data points they agree to sell and hold the resulting data in escrow until the other terms of the contract of been satisfied, typically in the form of data token exchange. These technologies serve as the core of the Datawallet Exchange—the personal data marketplace that does not compromise on transparency and control.

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