You’restroke in control

Your Datawallet is private by default, giving you the power to choose which data you’d like to share, and who to share it with. All the information in your Datawallet is completely anonymous, secure, and encrypted.

All data sharing is opt-in only, and fully transparent about its use. You can opt-out any time.

Datawallet gives you the option to securely store your data yourself, or let us do it for you.

Get paidstroke when you share

The data you create rightfully belongs to you, and we think you should benefit when it’s used. Your data is a valuable resource, Datawallet helps you earn from it.

We currently pay out in USD, ETH, DXT, and gift cards.

Tools to protect your privacystroke

There’s a lot of your data out there that’s been gathered without your knowledge or consent. Companies that gather this data must allow you to opt-out by law, but they don’t make it easy!

We’ve developed a range of tools to make opting out of these services a breeze, giving you greater privacy.

Take yourstroke data with you

It takes time for platforms to personalize their service to you. When you use a new platform, you’re stuck with a suboptimal service while you recreate data that already exists in one of your other profiles. With Datawallet, you can mobilize your data, share it across platforms, and get a personalized service within minutes instead of weeks.

Whether it’s moving your playlists between music services or training AI applications with your own data, Datawallet will empower you to truly mobilize your data.

Save timestroke

Stop wasting time filling out forms with the same info. Log in with Datawallet and we’ll help you fill all relevant fields, and unlike other log-in providers we’ll only pass on the extra data you explicitly permission for improved services.

With Datawallet, you can avoid filling in repetitive information, while protecting your privacy.

Put your data to work in incredible ways

Learn what your data
says about you

Datawallet makes it easy to go deep into your own data and discover patterns.

Power the next
generation Internet

Your Datawallet will be the key to the next generation of personalized and A.I. powered apps.

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