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The Data Exchange Token (DXT) powers Datawallet’s personal data management tools and decentralized data exchange. It plays an integral part in the underlying architecture and users can augment their Datawallet by purchasing different analyses and services with DXT. User can further earn DXT by permissioning their data on the exchange.

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The Datawallet ecosystem is composed of functionally modular pieces (an overview of the overall architecture can be see in Figure 7 of the whitepaper). The below is a high-level roadmap for the 12 months post token sale. Community demand will guide innovation and the fully-specified modular design will allow a range of contributors to write drop-in replacements that augment the component while providing the minimal functionality required of it.

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Note: While we are aware that the DXT token is currently being traded on some exchanges, we do not encourage or facilitate this exchange trading in any manner. Speculative secondary trading is against the spirit of the DXT token and Datawallet project. We strongly discourage speculative secondary trading and officially ask DXT token holders to act accordingly. Especially persons prohibited from buying in our token sale are not permitted to buy DXT. Please do not seek to evade our rules by trying to acquire DXT on exchanges or elsewhere.