About Datawallet

Datawallet is a digital wallet for your data

With Datawallet, consumers have a simple, private and meaningful way to control their data, and in return, companies receive insights from the best quality, ethical, first-party data available. Datawallet enables companies to transform regulatory compliance into trusted relationships with consumers. When companies give their customers Datawallets, they show they’re serious about data rights while boosting their operations on an unparalleled scale.

Datawallet allows customers to visualize the data they create, set permissions for their data, and receive rewards for allowing companies to use their data. Through Datawallet’s personal API, your customers can leverage additional data from Facebook, Google, and Amazon, enabling companies to deliver personalized experiences that are unmatched by their competition.

Datawallet products are seamlessly implemented with efficient mapping of your current data environment for CCPA compliance. Uniquely adaptable, Datawallet generates the visuals, controls and structures that are most important to you. Gain trust with transparency and control, and provide customers a clear-cut guide about how you’re using their data with fine-grained permissioning over its access. Powered by blockchain, every permissioning change is stored in an easily auditable blockchain record.

Our vision is to fix the broken data ecosystem

On the one side, customers have no control over the data they create, no transparency into how it’s used, and no ability to get any value from their data.

On the other side, companies waste billions in mistargeted advertising, offer sub-optimal goods and services, and are slowed in their innovation cycles, all due to incomplete and inaccurate customer data.

In the center of the entire ecosystem sit data brokers, scraping individuals’ data without their knowledge, and selling it to businesses who have no better option than to buy unethically sourced, low quality data to power their services

Throughout the ecosystem, sensitive consumer data has been lost or stolen through negligence or theft.

To fix these problems, Datawallet is building the tools to support a digital economy where individuals truly own and control their data.

The company

Datawallet is co-headquartered in Berlin and New York, and has additional offices in San Francisco. Pioneers Tim Draper and Marc Benioff were among the earliest investors in Datawallet back in 2014. In January 2018, Datawallet raised an additional $40MM.

Since then the company has built a world-class team of PhDs and graduates from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, hired veteran Executives from industry, and—most importantly—developed the tools to securely support companies and their customer’s personal data around the world.